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Stunt Training


Includes 20% MwSt.

Hollywood Stunts, cool fights and stylish shootouts – in this Stunt Training class you will learn how to fight, fall, die and shoot for the movies.

Ideal for actors and martial artists.

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Stunt Training in Vienna

Start your journey as a stunt performer!

Get familiar with the basics of authentic portrayal of physical action for film and stage.

Module 1 – Unarmed Combat

  • Simple principles of attack and defense for all kinds of  armed and unarmed combat
  • Realistic stage fights? Is that even possible?
  • Biomechanics of getting hit
  • Safe falls
  • Tension and relaxation when working with a partner
  • Principles for developing choreographies
  • Script, acting, rhythm and plot
  • Portraying domestic violence
  • Deaths: Getting shot, getting strangled
  • Develop a short choreography

Module 2 – Armed Combat

  • Working with bladed and blunt weapons
  • Principles for swords, sabres, knives, poles, improvised weapons, etc.
  • Special tricks for working with a partner and improvising
  • Applying principles of Module 1 in armed combat
  • Develop a short choreography

Module 3 – Highfall Preparation

  • Controlling your center of gravity
  • Controlling your partner
  • Advanced falls on the ground
  • Highfall preparation with four key techniques
  • Develop a short scene

Module 4 – Pistols

  • Correct handling of pistols
  • Safety procedures and distances
  • Tactical movement
  • Simple drills, reloads
  • Working with blanks on set
  • Develop a final choreography

Of course our instructors are there to assist and support any additional questions you may have.

This course can only offer a glimpse into the vast world of stunts. If you are keen to explore further, check out Body Burns, High Falls, Rigging und Wire-Work, as well as Firearms training with live ammo.

Obviously, this course is not a self defense class. If you are interested in delving into close quarters combat, we highly recommend stopping by at Self Defense classes at Yamas.org – and don’t forget the Fighting for Film Workshop Police Techniques.


Program Stunt Training

Four sessions per course.

2.5 hours per session.

This course is available for groups upon request.



  • Bring comfortable training gear
  • and personal protection equipment as you see fit (mouth guard, groin guard, etc.)


Your Stunt Training Instructors

  • Markus Weilguny, Action Director and Stunt Coordinator, markus@FightingForFilm.com
  • Bert Obernosterer, Stunt and MMA Trainer
  • Martin Enzi, international HEMA Fencing Instructor
  • Ivan Forlani, Stuntman

We are looking forward to a safe and challenging course!

Photos by Joe Tödtling, Barbara Lachner, Olivier DejeanTom Weilguny or Markus Weilguny, unless otherwise noted.


Th, 07.03.2024

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