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Sony Stunt & Photography Masterclass

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Create jaw-dropping moments by freezing high-speed movement and capturing the elements.

This Sony Masterclass gets you working intensely with the international FightingForFilm Team to create stunning results.


Sony Stunt & Photography Masterclass

Since this course is only offered in German. Please refer to the German translation (through the navigation menu) for details.

by Peter Brandstätter


Cast & Crew by Philipp Schulz


Philip Kelch by Philipp Schulz



Powered by


Hosn – Secret Agent Suits


Explosive Engineering

AVbaby Mediastudios

Yamas.org • Bewegung • Gesundheit • Kampfkunst


Photos by Mathias Kniepeiss, Tom Weilguny or Markus Weilguny unless stated otherwise.


Petra van Stojka by Pascal Richard

Tom Weilguny by Pascal Richard





Date of choice


Photography Masterclass

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