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Individual Firearms Practise

 96,00 784,00

Includes 20% MwSt.

Fire up your shooting skills to a whole new technical level with our pro instructors.

“All Inclusive” lessons are available where you don’t have to bring anything. We’ll supply firearms, ammunition and arrange the shooting range.


VIP personal shooting coaching

Take your skills to the next level with the best tips from our Shooting Instructors.

You decide your goals, we’ll put together the program

  • Knowledge (tech, ammunition, ballistics, equipment, handling, law, cleaning and storage)
  • Posture training, strength training for target shooting
  • Safe handling and automation of drills
  • Master different shooting techniques
  • Shoot at static or mobile targets


More Individual Shooting Training Options

Choice of Weapons

We recommend building a solid basis with pistols, but are happy to develop your skills with semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles or revolvers.

Shooting Range

Initially, the shooting range will be the best place to build perfect form, posture and aim.

Dynamic Pistol Training

A budget-friendly way to improve your skills is drilling with softguns or blank firing guns. It’s an ideal way to challenge yourself safely at Speed Drills, Reload Drills, shooting from different positions and covers, while running, climbing, driving etc.

Shooting Cinema

Improve your accuracy with live firearms in the interactive shooting cinema that also allows changing positions, switching weapons, etc.

All in a private space where you can be 1:1 with our instructor.

Infrared Shooting Cinema

A safe alternative to live rounds is shooting with laser enhanced weapons to improve your accuracy in a noise-free and pollution-free environment practising with interactive movies.


Individual Shooting Training for Groups

The more the merrier!

We recommend 2 hours + one hours per 4 participants, i.e.

  • 1-4 participants = 2 hours
  • 5-8 participants = 3 hours
  • 9-12 participants = 4 hours




Locations in Vienna

  • Shooting Cinema in Vienna
  • Shooting Range in Vienna
  • Shooting Range in Wiener Neustadt

Costs for shooting cinemas are not included in the price and are charged directly by the shooting range.



We recommend bringing your own firearms along with at least 100 cartridges per lesson.

The “All Inclusive” package includes

  • rental ear muffs
  • rental safety goggles
  • rental gun
  • ammunition (100 rounds 9mm, or 60 rounds .223)
  • holster where suitable

When booking another package any of the above are available at an additional charge.


Your Shooting Instructors


We are looking forward to a safe and successful course!

Photos by Patrick Esser, Tom Weilguny or Markus Weilguny, unless stated otherwise.

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