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von Special Forces bis Special Effects

Welcome to your most exciting memories

Experience unforgettable action with international experts.

We are passionate about authentic action and love to share the fun of creating emotional scenes in a safe working environment in which you can expand your limits beyond what most people ever dare to dream of.

Join our stunt courses and embark on the road to becoming an expert yourself.

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Team-building incentives

Know that you can rely on your team in intense situations: As special forces officers, as stunt drivers or as a human torch – where everyone has to perfectly fulfil their responsibilities.

Our experienced instructors ensure maximum safety and unobtrusively guide your team to a shared success everyone can be proud of – and remember fondly.

Activities bring people together.

Action fuses them together.

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Action Movie Authenticity

Convince your audience with tailor-made training from Fighting for Film: Stage fights, police manoeuvres, historical fencing, big-ass guns – we are here for you.

Our workshops aim to convey compressed know-how in the shortest possible time. For actors who want to perform their own stunts or handle weapons in a way that convinces even experts.

Our stunt team is at the ready for more demanding scenes: Body burns, high falls, wire work and rigging, dance and fight choreographies, etc.

Our consultants are happy to support production companies and authors from script research to breakdowns, all the way to stunt coordination.

Fighting for Film is your one-stop partner for all things action.

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