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Individual Consulting

 96,00 144,00

Includes 20% MwSt.

Prepare yourself for unforgettable experiences: We support you in making your action creation incredibly impressive through authenticity and intensity.


Individual Action Support

We burn for authentic action and we will climb and jump out of our way to get your project to where it could be in terms of incredible stunt performance.

Whatever your idea as long as it has to do with action: We have the fitting professional on our team.

Training for Actors

  • Stunt Training (e.g. do your own Body Burn)
  • Fight Choreography (e.g. act in a scene featuring domestic violence)
  • Body Training (e.g. build muscle for the role)
  • Firearms Handling (e.g. act as a police officer)

Expertise for Writers and Directors

  • Script Consulting (e.g. how does a car explode?)
  • Historical Consulting (e.g. what did the Musketeers really wear?)
  • Film Weapon Consulting (e.g. can characters hide from bullets behind car doors?)
  • Explosives Consulting (e.g. was 9/11 rigged?)

Support for Productions

  • How to make cost-effective stunts and SFX shine
  • How to maximize safety when using pyrotechnics, special effects, stunts
  • How to combine SFX with VFX for best (and budget-friendly) results
  • How to manage liabilities and stay within legal limits when performing high-risk activities
  • How to find stunt performers, film weapons, permits, etc.


Your Partner at FFF


We look forward to an exciting, safe and impressive result!


Photos by Tom Weilguny or Markus Weilguny, unless stated otherwise.

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